Hema ZIP Screen

Hema Zip Screen is a system of external fabric covers that works perfectly in spaces exposed to strong wind up to 145 km/h. In this variant, the fabric is additionally integrated with the guides, which guarantees greater stability and tension. The zipper mechanism provides greater wind resistance, which makes the screens also perfect as side covers for gazebos and pergolas. Thanks to the integration of the fabric with side guides Hema Zip screen may also act as a mosquito net.


Electric control with a switch, remote control or mobile device. It is possible to use weather automation.


The Hema ZIP system is equipped with two-part guides with a system of compensating seals. The cassette and guides are made of extruded aluminum, which guarantees greater resistance. There is a front access to the cassette inspection, which makes it easier to service the blinds. There are 45 ° and 90 ° cassettes available, so you can adjust their shape to the style of the building.


Width: up to 600cm
Surface: up to 18m2