Why to choose a pleated blind?



Child Safety

Safety guaranteed

Akant window covers are not only attractive in design and functionality.  It is also safety at every stage of using the cover. All products that are controlled with a cord or chain are equipped with special Child Safety devices that reduce the risk of accidental strangulation. Thanks to this, the covers are also suitable for kids rooms and guarantee their safety.


The offer includes almost 700 fabrics with various functionalities, colors, textures and transparency degree. In addition to Standard fabrics, which are perfect for shielding from neighbors’ eyes or sunlight, there are also Honeycomb fabrics inspired by the honeycomb structure. The use of two fabrics with air between them is perfect for interiors that are extremely exposed to heating. What’s more – Honeycomb fabrics also show insulation properties in winter, reducing heat loss through the glass. In addition, Akant’s offer includes both the so-called sheer curtains fabrics that let the light inside and allow you to see what is happening outside and the blackout fabrics, which darken the room in 100%. Except these, there is a whole range of fabrics with varied translucency degrees.

Fabrics with dirt-resistant coatings – Stain Stop and Topar Plus coatings deserve special attention. The Stainstop coating protects fabrics against water-based stains such as coke, juice, tea or coffee. The Topar Plus coating is resistant not only to water-based stains, but also to oil-based stains. It protects the fibers against penetration of any dirt. In addition, it repels dust from the fabric and is easy to wash.

Fabrics colors