Flush-mounted Hema ZIP Screen

Flush-mounted Hema Zip Screen is a solution for those who like a combination of functionality and design. It is adapted to be built in, thanks to which it fits perfectly into the facade of the building. The flush-mounted screen has a bracket at the front of the box that enables any plastering to be performed. The cover works well in places exposed to strong wind, even up to 145 km/h. In this variant, the fabric is additionally integrated with the guides, which guarantees greater stability and tension. The zipper mechanism provides greater wind resistance and allows the screen to function as a mosquito net.


Electric control with a switch, remote control or mobile device. It is possible to use weather automation.


The flush-mounted ZIP system is equipped with two-part guides with a system of compensating seals. A variant of flush-mounted guides is also available, allowing for thermal insulation of the lintel. The cassette and guides are made of extruded aluminum, which guarantees greater resistance. There is a bottom access to the cassette inspection, which simplify the possible service of covers. In the built-in system, a 105, 125 mm type 90 ° cassette is available.


Width: up to 600cm
Surface: up to 18m2