Why to buy screens?



Child Safety

Safety guaranteed

Akant window covers are not only attractive in design and functionality. It is also safety at every stage of using the cover. All products that are controlled with a cord or a chain are equipped with Child Safety devices that reduce the risk of accidental strangulation. Thanks to this, the covers are also suitable for kids rooms and guarantee their safety.


Akant offers four collections of screen fabrics: Nova 520, Serge, Soltis 92, Soltis B92, Lunar BO. The fabrics have different opening factors from 0% to 5%. Fabrics with an opening factor degree of 1%, 3%, 4% and 5% have optimally placed perforations that open the interior to the view outside the window and natural light. The 0% fabric guarantees complete blackout.
Screen fabrics are resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation. They do not deform and are impervious to stretching and tearing. The wide range of colors of the screen fabrics allows you to match the covers to almost any color of the facade.


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