Revolutionary motors for window blinds

Motionblinds is a breakthrough mechanical steering system for blinds, roller blinds, pleats and verticals. It is fully automatic, exceptionally easy to configure, and controllable with a smartphone. Using Akant window blinds has never been more pleasant and effective. 


Immediate configuration

Modern technology does not have to be complicated! Choosing window blinds with Motionblinds motors makes everyday life a whole lot easier. Just a few moments after the installation, you can create your personal settings via Bluetooth. This will allow you to control the position of the blinds, roller blinds or pleats remotely, without getting up from the sofa or bed. 

Complete control and safety

All your data is stored offline, directly in the motors’ memory, so you do not need to worry about your privacy. After a successful configuration, you can freely manage the level of window shading using the Motionblinds Bluetooth application. It operates in real-time and allows you to plan for the days ahead!

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Scan the code

Simply scan the code to pair your smartphone with Motionblinds. It redirects to a mobile application where configuration can be carried out with a few simple steps. 

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Control with a smartphone

The intuitive Bluetooth application allows controlling a window blind from a distance of up to 10 meters. You can choose the optimum level of window covering using the intuitive arrows on the smartphone. 

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Use the timer

You can also schedule automatic covering or uncovering of the window for a specific time in the Motionblinds application. All you have to do is select your preferred times and days of the week. The timer settings can be adjusted depending on the season. 

An intelligent house with Motionblinds

Do you want to control the temperature, privacy and sun exposure of your house from anywhere in the world? Akant window blinds integrated with Motionblinds motors can easily become an element of a Smart Home system (e.g. Google, Alexa, SmartThings). All you need is to install a Wi-Fi bridge and register in the cloud!

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