The ITAKA collection is 30 new fabric colours for vertical blinds, which will enable you to transform your interior decoration.  It’s also worth remembering that vertical blinds are the optimal solution to obscure large surfaces, particularly in offices, conference rooms, halls etc. Their attribute is that the direction and amount of the incoming sunrays can be precisely regulated, because of the vertical lamella can turn. They are also a perfect protection from excessive overheating of premises. If you want to improve the functioning of the vertical blinds you can fit them with a mechanical drive, which enables the lamella of the vertical blinds to turn.
The wide range of colours and patterns of fabrics with various degrees of shading ( by a width of the lamella 127mm or 89mm) allows you to harmonize the vertical blinds with the interior design, we also produce PVC.

Our offer also includes materials with a hygiene certificate and non-combustible certificate.